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 Boulder, Colorado



Book Introduction

Welcome to Boulder…somewhere between the Rockies and Reality

     It was the threat of an amusement park that first outraged Boulderites. The year was 1910. Developers wanted to build the park on the 6,850-foot summit of Flagstaff Mountain in the Front Range foothills of the Rockies---Boulder’s backyard. The collective outcry squashed the plan, and the beauty of Flagstaff was saved.

     The whole experience left citizens so shaken that they made long-range plans to protect their home near the Rocky Mountains from future assaults. Today 54,000 acres of Boulder County are protected by one of the most innovative and ambitious preservation plans in America.

     Boulderites are fiercely proud and protective of what was once a Gold Rush town. Now a modern city of 100,000, within commuting distance of Denver, Boulder has the intelligence, culture and sophistication of a much larger metropolitan area and the charm and sensibilities of a small town that knows who it is.

     One third of its youthful population is comprised of the students, teachers, and support staff of the internationally acclaimed University of Colorado.

     Many here are outdoor enthusiasts who would rather enjoy a quick climb, hike or bike ride after work than go home and watch television. It’s no surprise that this high-altitude city on an ancient seabed is ranked the most physically fit city in the nation.

     Waking every morning to the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains has a long-lasting effect on the soul. In the shadow of Mother Nature’s best work, people begin to believe in their own majesty.



Acres of wildflowers carpet the rolling plains leading to the sharp angled Flatirons in the foothills of the Rockies. Several well-marked alpine trails guide hikers to the breathtaking view of the higher elevations.


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